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"This was amazing! I was surprised all the way through. I loved the characters; this book was filled with what I like to call 'Aha moments'. Everything just began to fall into place and made perfect sense, and I had Goosebumps. Alotta Goosebumps.

I did not want it to end! Let's just say I would be very happy to know there is more coming. The author did an amazing job to build a new world and brings a new light to already well-known myths we all know and love. Centaurs, Wer, Mer, Aliens, Dragons. Telepaths, Elementals. And let me not forget to mention Love at first sight. Literally.  A fun, clean read that everyone can enjoy."

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"The opening pages to Mystra were amazing. They had just the right amount of mystery, suspense and instantly caught the attention of the reader. Certain aspects gathered from the blurb reminded me of my favourite series of all time; These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner which is an amazing things. For the offset I loved the setting, a mysterious planet and space. I loved books set in space or that have interstellar travel and it is one of my favourite sub-genres of YA.

The rest of the opening chapter left me in awe. It extremely informative without being boring, scientific without being confusing and yet remains exciting within a strong robust structure. The way each chapter is divided into a log of sorts being labelled 2605 (the year) and Day 111 is great because it always for ten times the amount of action without the book being rushed as there is a break up of time. We immediately love Jasen as a character, he is smart, witty and the way I picture him in my head has added him to by list of fictional boyfriends....

The ending of the novel gave me so many feelings for all the characters we had met and for the ones lost. Even though this novel would work perfectly as a stand alone I am hoping the author writes a follow up or companion novel to this one. If you like dystopian sci-fi novel with a stunning magic system that would challenge the creations of Brandon Sanderson I highly recommend you read Mystra.

Mystra has become my favourite book of the year so far and I urge everyone to go and buy it!"


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"Got a proof copy of this book from the author to Review.

The story's set in the wake of the Kryllidar war, during which all the creatures of myths and legend, the elder races and the physically gifted fled away and settled there new world on the planet Mystra. Everything was going good till something horrible happened...

The concept was awesome! And was presented in a even better manner with beautiful narration and dialogues! The story is written in such a manner that you can't diverse your attention from it, until you complete it!

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I rarely read SciFi, but OH MY GOD this was such a fantastic read! I'm so happy I decided to get this book, I've not cried after reading a book in ages, but I did this time. The chemistry between every single character is amazing, the world is gorgeously described, the fantasy characters were easy to visualize.

Impossible to put down. Non-stop action, fantastical characters, mostly fantasy with a bit of science fiction, this book has it all. You cannot help getting caught up in it. When you are finished, you hope that the next one will not be long in coming out.